Othello Tunnels

We’ve been having beautiful weather this summer, and while on holidays we went up to explore the Othello Tunnels one afternoon.

It’s close to home and somewhere we haven’t been to before so the kiddos had a blast checking everything out.

_MG_4647 (web) _MG_4651 (web) _MG_4652 (web) _MG_4654 (web) _MG_4657 (web) _MG_4658 (web) _MG_4661 (web) _MG_4667 (web) _MG_4670 (web)


Long Weekend Farm Fun

On the May long weekend we went to one of our local farms to watch their Alpacas get sheared and enjoy some barrel rides around the farm.

Alpaca Shearing (web) (357-365) Alpaca Shearing (web)

Waiting for their turn …Alpacas (web)They looked so cute after their shave.Shaved (web) Barrel Ride (web) Barrel Ride 2 (web) Barrel Ride 3 (web)

And we also found some eggs the chickens/hens laid.Eggs (web)

Aquarium Fun!

In May we went to the Aquarium with friends.  The kids had such a good time, and we ended spending the whole day in Vancouver.  We spent a long time at the Aquarium checking everything out, and then we headed to the beach at Stanley Park and ended our day with some fish and chips.

Turtles (web) Parrot (web) Penguin Chart (web) Whale Wall (web) Beluga Tank (web) Jelly excitement (web) Full Bubble (B&W) (web) Frog Bubble (B&W) (web) Rock Animal (web) Squaking (web) Ice Cream (web) Ice Cream 2 (web) Seahorses (web) More Jellies (web) Orca Statue (web) Beach (web) Covered in sand (web) Crab Shell (web) Vancouver (web) Vancouver 2 (web)

April Photo Challenge: Grandeur

The April photo challenge was to capture a sense of grandeur and inspiration.  I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do for this challenge but only had a chance to do one.  I took the kiddos to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and we spent the whole day in Vancouver.

We started by taking the West Coast Express train all the way into Vancouver, and then we spent most of the day at the park, a little bit at Lonsdale Quay and ended the day by having dinner at the Gastown Old Spaghetti Factory before taking the train all the way back home.

(340-365) Capilano (web) Capilano Fun 1 (web) Capilano Fun 2 (web) Capilano Fun 3 (web) Capilano Fun 4 (web) Capilano Fun 5 (web) Capilano Fun 6 (web) Capilano Fun 7 (web) Capilano Fun 8 (web) Capilano Fun 9 (web) Capilano Fun 10 (web) Capilano Fun 11 (web)

March Photo Challenge: An Everyday Moment

Wow I really need to up my blogging skills haha.  I am so behind on posting things, so lets start with my March photo challenge pictures.

In a monthly photo challenge group that I am part of, our topic for March was to capture an everyday moment with our kids.  I chose to capture making breakfast with my little guy since he is always in the kitchen “helping” mama.

March Challenge 1 (web) March Challenge 2 (web) March Challenge 3 (web) March Challenge 4 (web) March Challenge 5 (web) March Challenge 6 (web) March Challenge 7 (web) March Challenge 8 (web)


I did a little photo shoot with my girl this week.  We borrowed a room in the dance studio where Kazia takes dance classes and did a little bit of ballet “practice”.

My little dancer!

My Ballerina 1 (web) My Ballerina 3 (web) My Ballerina 11 (web) My Ballerina 2 (web) My Ballerina 10 (web) My Ballerina 6 (web) My Ballerina 17 (web) My Ballerina 15 (web)

And as always, all these photos and more of my 365 project are on my Flickr page.

Gone Fishing

Last week I did a little photo shoot with Asher.  We went “fishing” and he had so much fun moving along the creek to new spots to try and catch a fish.

We didn’t actually catch any fish of course, so when we were heading back Asher was a little disappointed but was happy to try again another day.  He is such a happy little guy.  We pretended to catch the little gold fish that I got with his fisherman hat.  When I tied it onto his fishing pole he was so excited.

Now to print these pictures and hang them up!

Gone Fishing 1 (web) Gone Fishing 2 (web) Gone Fishing 3 (web) Gone Fishing 4(web) Gone Fishing 5 (web) Gone Fishing 6 (web) Gone Fishing 7 (web) Gone Fishing 8 (web)

Party Fit for an Artist!

I can’t really believe it, but our little girl is already 5!  How time flies is just unreal.

This year we did an art themed party for Kazia, she loves arts and crafts so it was very fitting for her.

We had lots of yummy food and treats for everyone to eat.  There were hot dogs for lunch, with a rainbow fruit platter (which I put together but forgot to take a picture of, boo!), a veggie tray, and an assortment of baked goodies made by me.  Marshmallow and Rice Krispy treat “paint brushes”, macarons, sugar cookie “paint palettes”, and the art related cake of course.  And we also had pink and yellow lemonade, and water to keep those creative minds flowing.

We set up kids tables for the painting work stations, with paint brushes, palettes for paint, aprons, canvases and rocks for everyone to paint.

After the kids painted and had some lunch, Kazia did her gift opening and we had some cake.  The cake was a funfetti cake with raspberry buttercream filling.

Once the guests were ready to leave, each kiddo was given a paint pail of art related goodies.  Inside each paint can favour there was a paint brush, mini notebook, crayons, mini paint tube and paint pot, paint splatter temporary tattoos, fun stampers, a stained glass window hanger, a bouncy ball with an art picture inside, a rainbow loom bracelet in rainbow colours, and a cute little Thank You card.  And they also got to fill a little goodie bag with some sweet treats in rainbow colours.

And now for all the pictures …

Waiting for our guests to arrive!

Kazia's Art Party 1 (web)

The sugar cookie “paint palettes” that went along with the party favours.

Kazia's Art Party 2 (web)

The rainbow coloured assortment of sweet treats to take home.

Kazia's Art Party 3 (web)

The party favour paint pails.

Kazia's Art Party 4 (web)

And the masterpiece!!!!  A funfetti cake with raspberry buttercream.

Kazia's Art Party 5 (web)

Graffiti font … it’s still an art

Kazia's Art Party 6 (web)

The fondant paint brush I made sitting on top of the “paint” splattered cake board.  It was coloured chocolate that I melted and then splattered on the board, I’m surprised my kitchen wasn’t covered in chocolate haha.

Kazia's Art Party 7 (web)

The art stations.

Kazia's Art Party 8 (web)

Creative juices … lemonade and water.

Kazia's Art Party 9 (web)

“Paint brushes” … marshmallows and Rice Krispy treats dipped in coloured chocolate.

Kazia's Art Party 10 (web)

Kazia's Art Party 11 (web)

And colourful macarons!  Can’t have a party without Macarons!!!

Kazia's Art Party 12 (web)

Delicious food for thought …

Kazia's Art Party 13 (web)

The thirsty artist replenishment station

Kazia's Art Party 14 (web)

Each table with aprons, palettes and canvases … we also had rocks to paint which were added after I took the photo.

Kazia's Art Party 15 (web)

Guests deciding what to have to eat …. and a shot of the paint splattered paper lanterns above the table.  Those were fun to make but splattering paint in good clothes is a no no …. oops!

Kazia's Art Party 16 (web)

Ready to paint!

Kazia's Art Party 17 (web)

Asher enjoying a “paint brush” ….  haha

Kazia's Art Party 18 (web)

What was left of the masterpiece

Kazia's Art Party 19 (web)

And the birthday girl helping clean up after the party ….

Kazia's Art Party (web)That was a super fun party.  It was a lot of work to put together, but at the same time I had a blast organizing a dessert table and coordinating it all to the theme of the party.

Most of the decorations I got at the local dollar stores.

The clear paint pails, bouncy balls, paint palettes, paint splatter tattoos, napkins, and palette shaped plates were from an online site called Oriental Trading.

The paint drip stickers were from Memories are Sweet.

The Thank You cards were from Apple Paperie on Etsy.  And the Thirsty Artist drink labels were also from Etsy at Petite Party Studio.  I also put paint splatter stickers on the drink cups which I got on Etsy as well from Tip Top Supply 4U but I didn’t get a photo of them.

And I found the kids painting aprons on eBay.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Kazia’s party!


A Big Project

Tuesday night after our MWAC meeting, I decided I would attempt a 365 project and take a photo a day for a year.  I was inspired to give it a go by looking through one of my friend’s (and fellow MWAC members) 365 photos.  I loved seeing all her images and also the growth in her photography journey.

Now that I’ve finally got my computer back, and our Disney vacation is a couple weeks behind us I can try to catch up on posting here weekly.

I will post my 365 photos on here just once a week and share a series from the week instead of posting a photo each day, I will keep the daily postings to FB and possibly Flickr if I can remember.

Here is my first set, I started Tuesday night which was May 27th.

1/365 {May 27th, 2014} – found her fast asleep on the couch waiting for me to come home.

365 Project 1 (web)2/365 {May 28th, 2014} – this is what happens when a cute little voice asks “pea mommy, outside” … how can you say no? even if that’s what they want to wear!

365 Project 2 (web)3/365 {May 29th, 2014} – This is how we roll … trying on hand-me-down’s for Ash, and wearing some dollar store attire!

365 Project 3 (web)

4/365 {May 30th, 2014} – The one that survived!

365 Project 4 (web)





Springtime Adventures

We enjoyed the beautiful weather today, went for a walk with a bit of exploring and then later we planted a couple strawberry plants into a pair of old gumboots.

The kids were fascinated by this water drain for the longest time, I think we spent most of our time here before we moved on and continued our walk.

Spring Adventures 1 (web) Spring Adventures 2 (web) Spring Adventures 3 (web) Spring Adventures 4 (web) Texture (B&W - web) Spring Adventures 6 (web) Spring Adventures 7 (web)