Gone Fishing

Last week I did a little photo shoot with Asher.  We went “fishing” and he had so much fun moving along the creek to new spots to try and catch a fish.

We didn’t actually catch any fish of course, so when we were heading back Asher was a little disappointed but was happy to try again another day.  He is such a happy little guy.  We pretended to catch the little gold fish that I got with his fisherman hat.  When I tied it onto his fishing pole he was so excited.

Now to print these pictures and hang them up!

Gone Fishing 1 (web) Gone Fishing 2 (web) Gone Fishing 3 (web) Gone Fishing 4(web) Gone Fishing 5 (web) Gone Fishing 6 (web) Gone Fishing 7 (web) Gone Fishing 8 (web)


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