A Big Project

Tuesday night after our MWAC meeting, I decided I would attempt a 365 project and take a photo a day for a year.  I was inspired to give it a go by looking through one of my friend’s (and fellow MWAC members) 365 photos.  I loved seeing all her images and also the growth in her photography journey.

Now that I’ve finally got my computer back, and our Disney vacation is a couple weeks behind us I can try to catch up on posting here weekly.

I will post my 365 photos on here just once a week and share a series from the week instead of posting a photo each day, I will keep the daily postings to FB and possibly Flickr if I can remember.

Here is my first set, I started Tuesday night which was May 27th.

1/365 {May 27th, 2014} – found her fast asleep on the couch waiting for me to come home.

365 Project 1 (web)2/365 {May 28th, 2014} – this is what happens when a cute little voice asks “pea mommy, outside” … how can you say no? even if that’s what they want to wear!

365 Project 2 (web)3/365 {May 29th, 2014} – This is how we roll … trying on hand-me-down’s for Ash, and wearing some dollar store attire!

365 Project 3 (web)

4/365 {May 30th, 2014} – The one that survived!

365 Project 4 (web)






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