Setting a Little Goal

Well since I seem to constantly forget to post something on here, I thought I’d make a goal for myself to blog a little something at least once a week.  This will also be a photography goal, to pick up my camera and make sure to shoot something every week.  I will post every Friday, be it a photo(s) from the week, or something that I haven’t shared before.

I am also setting a goal for April, to pick up my camera every day for the whole month, so hopefully at the end of each week in April I will have a series of photos to share.

So this week I’ll start by sharing a few photos from today’s outing.  At the beginning of last week we (and I’m talking about the whole house here) were hit by a nasty stomach flu.  From the first night of just one of us being sick to the next day where we were all hit by it.  I don’t remember ever being so sick before, and I hated seeing the little ones so ill.  This week we laid low, did a lot of nothing just because I wanted to make sure the kids got a lot of rest.  Knowing that they are both back to being themselves, we went to the Cheese Farm near by to pick up some cheese and then we hit the grocery store to stock up on fresh groceries, the fridge gets bare when you spend over a week of staying inside and not eating anything much.

While visiting the cheese farm we spent a little bit of time checking out the cows.

Cheese Farm 12 (web) Cheese Farm 16 (web) Cheese Farm 17 (web)So until next week ….

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