Bringing Along my Camera!

I take a lot of pictures of the kiddos, but most of the time they are around the house or going outside close to home.  My goal is to bring that big clunky camera with me to as many places as possible and capture a lot of the things I do with my little kiddos.  I usually take my out and about photos with my phone, just a quick snap and it’s done.  My biggest thing about bringing my big camera with me is just getting over the fear of taking it out and shooting in front of all sorts of people.

Last year I went on a day trip with the MWAC camera club, and spending a whole day just shooting photos out in public helped me a lot in getting over the fear of having people watch me do my thing.  In the last few weeks I have made it a point to bring my camera wherever we go, and to plan little trips where I know I will try to capture some pics.  Since I have two days in the week off work that are weekdays it works out nicely; the places we go usually aren’t super busy so it makes it easier to let the kids do their thing while I try to capture some fun moments.

I’m just going to share a few pics from some of the places we have gone.

A little snack at Starbucks, and a tea for me.  I have wanted to do this photo of Kazia in front of this wall for a long time, and I love that she’s in her own little world while having her banana loaf.

Starbucks Fun 1A library trip, it was a bit crazy letting the little guy have free reign to run around, but they both had a lot of fun and we came out with a whole lot of books to read.

Library Fun 7 (web)And just two more from our visit to a Frozen Yogurt place.  It was a freezing cold day, but for a few bucks the kids had a really fun hour of running around (there was no one else there haha) and they enjoyed their frozen yogurt creations.  It was getting close to nap time for Asher, so he decided to have a little lay down for a second …. and then big sis decided she wanted to as well.

Frozen Yogurt (web) Frozen Yogurt (1) (web)I have a lot more photos to share once I go through them all, and a few more ideas of where to go with the little ones … maybe some new places to explore as well.

I am so glad I got over my fear and just started taking these photos, even with all the people looking and wondering what I might be doing.


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