Oh my, I haven’t posted for almost a month!  I have a couple more flavours of Macarons to post today.

On New Year’s I decided to make some Champagne flavoured macarons, and they were so good, even though I thought they would flop because my Champagne did not want to incorporate into my Swiss meringue buttercream.  But to my surprise, the next day they were absolutely perfect, they didn’t go soft at all like I thought they would.  I also rolled them in some white sugar to give them some “sparkle”.

Champagne Macs 1 (web) Champagne Macs 2 (web) Champagne Macs 5 (web) Champagne Macs 7 (web)I also happened across a blog post over at Cake on the Brain about making macarons with pasteurized egg whites, so I knew I had to give them another try, this time with her recipe because I knew my recipe only worked beautifully with the traditional method of cracking, and aging my eggs and so on.

I decided to try a Strawberries and Cream macaron, with flavoured shells too.  I followed the new recipe and measured all my ingredients, then I also cooked down some strawberries with a little bit of sugar, pressed them through a sieve to create a syrup and incorporated that syrup into my egg whites while they were still “wet” and hadn’t formed a meringue yet.  Once the meringue started to form, I added a bit of pink gel food colouring because the syrup didn’t give enough of a colour that I wanted to create.  I was so excited to see that my meringue was turning out perfectly, and after folding in my almond flour and icing sugar mixture I knew this batch would work out, I could feel that the batter was just right.

I made a Vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream to fill the cookies, and they were so yummy!!

Strawberries and Cream Macs 1 (web) Strawberries and Cream Macs 2 (web) Strawberries and Cream Macs 3 (web) Strawberries and Cream Macs 4 (web) Strawberries and Cream Macs 5 (web)Now I can create Macarons whenever I want, no more waiting on my egg whites to age!  And knowing that I can flavour my shells easily opens up a lot more flavour combinations to play with.  Very exciting stuff ….


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