Wall Makeover

We have a small space of wall in the kitchen that I’ve been wanting to put something nice onto and take down the whiteboard and mess of papers cluttering it.  I finally got around to it when I saw a piece of wood sitting in the garage.  I had seen this tutorial a little while back and knew exactly what I would do with that piece of wood.  I had it cut into three equal 11″ x 12″ pieces and started sanding them down.  I found a stain to match the cupboards in the kitchen as closely as I could and did three coats of stain to get the look I was going for.  I printed my three 8×10 photos, glued on my clips and attached sawtooth hangers to the back for hanging.

Here is the wall before …

Kitchen Wall Makeover 1 (web)And after my little project …

Kitchen Wall Makeover 2 (web) Kitchen Wall Makeover 3 (web) Kitchen Wall Makeover 4 (web)Much happier with my little wall now.


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