Holiday Flavours!

Recently I’ve tried out three different holiday flavoured Macarons, I couldn’t tell you which I liked the best because they were all extremely delicious!

The first was an Eggnog Macaron ….

Eggnog Macs 1 (web) Eggnog Macs 5 (web)Then I tried Gingerbread Macs.  These had a nice flavour kick to them with the fresh ginger in the buttercream.

Gingerbread Macs 1 (web) Gingerbread Macs 5 (web)And Cranberry Orange Macs.  I ended up adding some Orange Liqueur into the buttercream because with just the orange zest there wasn’t enough of an orange flavour, and it was a very good choice because it gave it that extra little something.

Cranberry Orange Macs 1 (web) Cranberry Orange Macs 3 (web)There’s more photos of them on Flickr!

Maybe for New Year’s I’ll have to give some Champagne flavoured Macs a try.


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