Lifestyle Project: Weeks 41-48

I know, I haven’t posted in a while.  I’m either busy baking, sewing or just plain forget to post anything.

Since I’m way behind in posting my updates for my Lifestyle Project I am going to post 8 weeks instead of 4 worth of photos.

Week 41:  Self Portrait

I set up the camera and Kazia took the photo by clicking like crazy.

Me 2013 (web)Week 42:  Self Portrait (Yes, Again)

An updated picture to one taken with us three when Asher was just a week or so old.

Three of us (web)Week 43:  Give

Kazia was on antibiotics for a couple weeks and I had to give her this “yucky” medicine, not the easiest of tasks that was.

Week 43 - Give (web)Week 44:  Work/Play

A bit of work and play for me, making cakes as a hobby baker.

Bubble Guppies Cake 9 (web)Week 45:  Familiar

A familiar site around here, frozen blueberries, a favourite.  Kazia loved them when she was this age too.

45 - Familiar (web)Week 46:  Sudden

Asher has suddenly found a love for colouring, but on everything except paper.

46 - SuddenWeek 47:  Mystery

Our first snowfall of 2013, Asher was trying to figure out what the person shovelling the snow off their driveway was doing.

First Snow 2013 5 (web)Week 48:  Mealtime

Helping prep for dinner by ricing potatoes for homemade gnocchi.

48 - Mealtime (web)And you can view these and my other photos on my Flickr page as well.


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