My Newest Obsession

Macarons!!!  If you’ve never had one, then you’re missing out … next time you see one you should give it a try.  I’m not talking about the coconut no bake cookies (macaroons), I’m talking about the French/Italian style meringue cookies with the oh so yummy filling sandwiched between them.

They are a bit of work, and can be finicky, but I am loving trying them in all sorts of flavours.

So far I’ve tried Lavender, Pumpkin (two different ways) and chocolate ganache.  The first and last times I tried them I used fresh cracked egg whites, and the two times I tried pumpkin I wanted to see if carton egg whites would work (to save time and money/egg yolks) but it’s just not worth it.  The carton egg whites don’t let the cookies get their famous “feet” and my shells cracked like crazy both times I tried it.  They still come out super delicious, but the visual/textural end product is not the same as when I use fresh cracked egg whites (well aged cracked egg whites actually, because I let them sit for a couple days after cracking what I need).

I have an album on Flickr with all my macs, but here are a few of the pics.

I’ve only ever tried making Macarons twice before a while back before these newest ones because I was intrigued with what they were.

The first were Lavender Buttercream Macs.

Lavender Macarons 2 (web)Then I tried a Pumpkin Cheesecake Mac,

Pumpkin Cheesecake Macarons 3 (web)And Pumpkin Buttercream,

Pumpkin Macarons 1 (web)The latest were Mint Dark Chocolate Ganache,

Chocolate Mint Macs 4 (web)These things are so good, and so addicting.  When I have one I always end up going back for more!!

Up next will be some yummy Christmas flavours.


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