Lifestyle Project: Weeks 33-36

Another 4 weeks of photos,

Week 33:  Out of Focus

Took my 50mm lens off the camera and turned it around into a makeshift macro lens, I think Herc was wondering what I was doing getting so close to his face.

33-52 - Out of Focus (web)Week 34:  Secret

Hidden with all my cake decorating things is a treat I keep for when I crave some chocolate.

34-52 - Secret (web)Week 35:  Fashion

Picking wildflowers, playing with stones, or just a simple little walk, this girl likes to look good!

35-52 - Fashion (web)Week 36:  Time

Me time usually involves one of these yummy treats while everyone else is asleep and I’m sitting at the computer going through photos and browsing ideas.

36-52 Time (web)


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