Project: Puffy Coat

I made Kazia this fall/winter coat, and today we went out so I could get pictures of her in it.  She was pretty excited with it, and wanted to wear it as soon as she saw it, even before I had time to finish off the buttons.

I still consider myself a beginner in sewing, and this pattern from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop was super clear and really easy to follow along with.  I am so happy with the fabric I found for the lining of the coat, it is such a super soft fleece, and the pattern on it is just too cute.  The outer of the coat is a light corduroy, with faux fur for the hood trim.  I think it turned out so great!!  Here are some of the pictures I got of Kazia in her new coat.

Puffy Coat 1 (web) Puffy Coat 3 (web) Puffy Coat 4 (web) Puffy Coat 7 (web) Puffy Coat 9 (web) Puffy Coat 10 (web) Puffy Coat 11 (web)Anna

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