A Fun Sew-A-Long

I did a fun sew-a-long to make Kazia a cute dress from Candy Castle Patterns, the Bubblegum Dress.  Every few days we would do a few steps of the pattern and then in the end they would pick their favourites from all the people that joined in to win a free pattern(s).  There were three winners, and I was happy to have just made such a cute dress and wasn’t expecting to win, but to my surprise I was chosen as one of the winners.  I am still shocked as I never win anything, so here is what I did with the pattern to create a fun dress for Kazia.

We did a swing version of the pattern and used woven fabrics to create a fuller skirt instead of using knit fabrics as the original Bubblegum Dress pattern calls for.  I also decided to add a layer of tulle with a lining on the skirt with a little bit peaking out on the bottom which I think worked great and I love how it came together.

Candy Castle Dress 4 (web) Candy Castle Dress 5 (web) Candy Castle Dress 6 (web)Anna

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