Canada Day Outfits

For Canada Day this year I made outfits for both the kiddos.  I dressed Kazia up in her new dress a couple days before and we went out to take some pictures.

Canada Dress 1 (web) Canada Dress 2 (web)

Walking away with some sass, haha.

Canada Dress 3 (web)

I asked Kazia to sit down in the grass for one of the photos, when I was changing up my angle to figure out how I wanted to take the picture she laid in this pose all on her own.Canada Dress 5 (web) Canada Dress 6 (web)I’m super happy with how the dress turned out.

And of course I couldn’t leave the little guy out, I made him a pair of shorts.

Canada Shorts 1 (web) Canada Shorts 2 (web) Canada Shorts 3 (web)I think they turned out great too.  Now to do some more sewing to finish off a few more summer outfits before this heat ends and we get into the Fall weather for Fall outfits.


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