Summertime Fun

On the first day of summer I decided to take the kiddos out for some strawberry picking.  We had fun playing in the sandpit and playground, then picking a whole bunch of strawberries and we ended the afternoon with more sandpit fun and some tasty treats from the market.

My blackberry 😛

Strawberry Picking 1 (web)

At first Kazia wasn’t interested in picking any strawberries because she wanted to go back into the playground.

Strawberry Picking 2 (web)

After a few minutes she eventually ended up having fun trying to find the big berries.

Strawberry Picking 3 (web)


Strawberry Picking 5 (web)

Even Asher wanted to help pick berries.

Strawberry Picking 6 (web)

Our haul … we got a good 5lbs, and I finally ended up getting some rhubarb from a friend and made some strawberry rhubarb pie tonight!  Yummy!!

Strawberry Picking 7 (web)See you all soon,


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