Onto Week 25 Already

Why does time have to go by so quickly?

Here are my next four weeks in the Lifestyle 52 Project.

Week 21:  What makes me feel safe

Hercules, such a gentle giant, yet I know he is a great protector of the kiddos!

Week 21 - Hercules (web)Week 22:  Pure Joy

Watching Kazia enjoying the beauty of nature watching a sunset from her window before bed.

Week 22 - Pure Joy (Sunset window) (web)Week 23:  Yummy

The sticky gooey mess that is the making of very tasty strawberry flavoured rice krispy squares.

Week 23 - Yummy (web)Week 24:  Solitude

Kazia laying in the grass completely oblivious to me snapping pictures while she enjoys the sun.

Week 24 - Solitude (B&W) webSeriously, the weeks are just flying by doing this project … we’re already half way through the year!

See you all soon,


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