Scavenger Hunt

Finally got around to going through the photos we took on our scavenger hunt.

To change up our daily walk a bit I made up a short list of things for Kazia and I to look for.  Kazia had fun searching around for the items on our list, and we were able to find everything except for a bird’s nest.

Our list ….

Scavenger Hunt 1 (web)And the items we searched out ….


Scavenger Hunt 2 (web)

Pine Needles:

Scavenger Hunt 3 (web)

A hole in a tree:

Scavenger Hunt 4 (web)

Wild flowers:

Scavenger Hunt 5 (web)

Animal tracks:

Scavenger Hunt 6 (web)

Spider’s web:

Scavenger Hunt 7 (web)

And some of the items we brought home,

Scavenger Hunt 8 (web)I’ll have to come up with something else to change up our walks once in awhile, it’s fun watching Kazia explore the things around her in a different way.

See you all soon,


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