Another Four Weeks Done

Here is my set of photos for weeks 17 to 20 from the Lifestyle 52 project.

Week 17: To sleep or not to sleep

This week the little guy had caught the cold that Kazia had, and he was having a hard time falling asleep.  While nursing I noticed him holding his arm and had to try to grab a photo of it.  Luckily I already had my camera in his room trying to get a photo for the week so that was the easy part, trying to focus on his hands while holding my arm out with the camera was the not so easy part haha.

Week 17 - Sleep or Not 2 (web)Week 18:  Noise

Asher has been smacking his hands on everything lately, so I knew for this week I had to capture it some how.  We were all playing around the keyboard so I grabbed my camera while he was figuring out that it would make noise when he hit the keys.  And Kazia was on the other end because she wanted to play the “loud keys”

Week 18 - Noise (web)Week 19:  Reminders

This week was before Mother’s Day, and we were crafting a lot so after a day full of crafting I took a picture of the little reminders that were left behind all around the dining table from Kazia learning how to use regular scissors.

Week 19 - Reminders (web)Week 20:  Simplicity

A simple change to a daily walk.  I decided to make a little scavenger hunt list for Kazia, and that little change made our walk that day so much more exciting.

Scavenger Hunt 1 (web)The weeks are just flying by.

See you all soon,


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