Cooling Off!

With all this hot weather we’ve been having lately we have been enjoying a lot of time outside, going to the river to dip our feet in the cold water and play in the dirt, or playing in the backyard with the hose.

I have been keeping my camera settings ready for these sunny days, so when Kazia and Hercules decided to have a cold drink to cool off I quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment between the two of them.  It’s not perfect, I chopped off one of Herc’s back paws and it would have been nice to catch it from a different angle so that you could see Herc’s tongue lapping up the water falling from the hose, but as the moment didn’t last long at all I didn’t have the chance to get in closer or to get in a better position.

I cropped in to show better detail of the two of them drinking from the hose (all I cropped out of the photo was the top of our back neighbours house, which didn’t exactly add anything to the photo) .

May Sunshine 10 (crop-web)We are sure loving this weather, hopefully it sticks around a bit longer.

See you all soon,



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