A New Way to Bubble

We stopped by the dollar store this morning and found a fun new toy for some outdoor play.  A small battery operated bubble gun, it has a small bottle of bubbles attached, you just pull on the trigger and you get a nice good flow of non stop bubbles coming out.

I snapped some photos of Kazia playing with it this afternoon, and I had some fun with editing the pictures as well.  I downloaded a few freebies of a new PS Actions set to try out from Morgan Burks Photography called Radioactive.  After playing each set to see what it did, I edited these pictures with one called “Looking Glass” that fit the photos in a fun way.  All I did was run the action and decreased the Faded layer to 43% opacity, then I ran an action I have to brighten the photo and add some pop.  I really liked how it fit the photos and they came out quite fun!

Bubble Games 1 (web) Bubble Games 2 (web)We had a good flow of bubbles coming out, and I also closed down my aperture to try and get more of the bubbles in focus with Kazia, but then …..

Bubble Games 3 (web)It sort of stopped.  The foam from the bubbles was collecting on the front end and stopping the bubbles before they got to fly.

Kazia tried to blow the extra foam off,

Bubble Games 4 (web)But it wasn’t the same and Kazia seemed a little disappointed haha ….

Bubble Games 7 (web)We figured out we were actually low on bubble solution, so we added some more and the bubble flow started back up.

See you all soon,


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