Still Keeping Up

Another four weeks has already passed, so here is my newest set of pictures for the Lifestyle 52 project.

Week 13:  In Motion

Me and the kiddos out for a morning run.

Week 13 - In Motion (web)Week 14:  What Home means to me

Kazia’s most favourite way to be around the house is in her underwear, haha.  And to me Home means being comfortable, and feeling safe enough to just dance like no one is watching in your underwear.

Week 14 - Home Means (web)Week 15:  Firsts

This week took me a while to find something to photograph.  I decided to go with Kazia’s ballet shoes, which she has already outgrown since starting dance in October.  The picture of her I took a few weeks ago at home before we left for dance class.  Now I just need to find a shadowbox frame to put them in together.

Week 15 - Firsts (web)Week 16:  Relaxing

We just got back a few days ago from Disneyland, and on our last day there Kazia picked up some sort of virus and has had a bad cold, so for the past few days all we’ve been doing is relaxing and taking it easy around here.  The other day she fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie, and for Kazia to sleep during the day means she’s really not feeling well.

Week 16 - Relaxing (web)I have just a few pictures to post from our trip, as it was a bit of a hassle to try and capture some good photos with the little guy hanging in the carrier in front of me, and I also forgot my zoom lens and only had my 50mm with me.  With not always having room to back up to get things in frame I gave up and let the photopass staff at Disney do all the picture taking.

See you all soon,


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