Waiting ….

Kazia and I found a nice pinecone on a walk and we turned it into a homemade bird feeder.  We covered it in peanut butter and rolled it in some bird seeds, but we are still waiting for our first visitor.

Bird Feeder (web)And I finally got around to making an insert to put in my bag for my camera.  The foam was on sale again so it was a good time to finally put it together.

Camera Bag Insert 1 (web) Camera Bag Insert 2 (web) Bag insert (web)I made it to fit in my diaper bag, and the dividers work great to let me carry my camera along without it getting damaged, but I think it’ll also fit into my big purse as well.  It’ll get a lot of good use for sure, and now there’s no excuse for not bringing my camera along whenever we go out.

We leave for Disneyland tomorrow afternoon, so I’m sure I’ll post some pictures of the trip when we get back!

See you all soon,



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