The Countdown!

This coming Sunday we are leaving for a family trip down to Disneyland, so I thought it would be cute for Kazia to have a little countdown calendar towards the trip that I found awhile back on Pinterest.  We took strips of construction paper and made a Mickey Mouse themed calendar.  First we started with a little poem.

Countdown 2 (web)We put together our Mickeys,

Countdown 1 (web)And in each white ring is a little Disney themed activity to do every day.

Countdown 3 (web)The first activity was to write a letter to a Disney character to let them know we are coming to visit, and Kazia picked Princess Tiana.

Countdown 4 (web)We stamped it and mailed it off this afternoon (I also saw this on Pinterest, that if you mail a letter to this address they will mail you back an autographed picture, so why not give a try)

Countdown 5 (web)

The other activities I added for the week were,

Dress up like Tinkerbell

Have Mickey Mouse pancakes

Hop around like Tigger

Disney movie night

and the last day is …. Pack your bags, we leave tomorrow!

See you all soon,



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