Keeping up with the Details.

I can’t believe I’ve already completed three months of the Lifestyle 52 Project, why does time go by so fast?

Here’s my set for the last four weeks.

Week 9:  Out of the Shadows

I wanted to try a split light photo, so I sat Kazia facing me with the window to her right (left side of the photo).  I darkened up my blacks to give the photo a more dramatic split light effect.

Split light (web)Week 10:  Change

Kazia got a new pair of gumboots, so when the prompt for this week came up, I knew I had to line up all her boots to show how quickly things change with little ones.

Week 10 - Change (web)Week 11:  Play

I tried to think outside of toys and the kiddos playing.  So for this week I used a picture of Kazia feeding Asher his first solid foods and “playing” mommy while I snapped some photos of him eating his first foods.

First Foods 8 (web)Week 12:  Emotive

For this week I ended up being a few days behind in submitting my photo because my week was so super crazy with making a huge cake for a party of 200 people.  So when I finally remembered about it I used a photo I took of Asher during the week being his super happy self.

Diff Lights 7 (web)

And as always, you can follow my weekly submission for this project on my Flickr page.

See you all next time,


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