The Little Details … Part Two!

Can’t believe it’s already the 8th week of this little photo project, time just flies by.  Here are the themes and my photos for the Lifestyle 52 Project from Paint the Moon!

Week 5:  Finding the Light

Asher sitting by our back door in his bumbo chair, he was watching the dog running around in the yard, but I caught his attention for a bit and he has that cute look on his face as if to say “What are you doing mama?” hehe

Asher (window light) (web)Week 6:  Good Morning!

Every morning I ask Kazia what she’d like for breakfast, and the answer is always “Cream of Wheat!”  This girl loves this stuff.

Week 6 - Good Morning (web)Week 7:  Negative space … it’s a positive!

Kazia was lounging on the floor, and when I say her laying there I pictured this fun photo of her, so I grabbed the camera and stood up on the coffee table to take it.  I love this picture of her, the pose, the angle I took, it turned out so great!

Week 7 - Negative Space (web)Week 8:  Wild Card

This week was our choice, and I picked this photo of Kazia playing tea party with Asher.  She wanted to play with her little brother, and it looks like he’s right into it.

Kids Tea Party (web)If you want, you can follow my photos on Flickr as well.

See you all soon,


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