Valentine’s Craftiness

On Valentine’s Day, I asked Kazia if she’d like to wear her blue shirt with pink hearts on it, but she responded with “No, I want to wear a pink shirt with blue hearts.”  Luckily I remembered that awhile back we had bought some fabric paint in a glittery blue, and I had also resized some t-shirts for her when I made her Big Sister kit, so I had a plain pink t-shirt to work with.

I grabbed the blue glitter paint and the t-shirt, and then we painted on some hearts.  We waited until it dried and she did get to wear her pink shirt with blue hearts later that afternoon, and she was so excited!

Here is the t-shirt we made, simple but cute!

(My focus is way off in the first picture with Kazia, I am trying to use Back button focusing and was still getting used to it).

Heart t-shirt 1 (web) Heart t-shirt 2 (web) Heart t-shirt 3 (web)See you all soon,


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