Styling Girl

I love a toddler’s sense of style, Kazia could put together the oddest combination of clothes and still look super cute.  We went for a few late afternoon walks this week and I took these pictures of Kazia’s stylin’ outfits.

The first picture I turned B&W because the color version wasn’t doing anything for it, the colours made it feel dull and I wasn’t going to use it, but I do sort of like the B&W version.

Stylin Kazia 1 (B&W) (web)

Stylin Kazia 11 (web) Stylin Kazia 5 (web)The gumboots on the wrong feet ….

Stylin Kazia 2 (web) Stylin Kazia 3 (web)And the other evening we had bunny Kazia.

Stylin Kazia 12 (web) Stylin Kazia 8 (web)So much fun letting Kazia decide her wardrobe for the day, sometimes it changes a few times per day.

See you soon,



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