The Little Details ….

I’m taking part in two photography projects this year.  The first one is called “This is our Life – a Let’s do 52 Project” by Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions and Textures.  It’s a lifestyle photography challenge, capturing the daily happenings in our life through photos.  We’re 4 weeks in, and here are my weekly captures for each theme.

1.  Evening Rituals — Bedtime snuggles to help Kazia fall asleep 🙂

Week 1 (web)2.  “This makes me laugh”  — Asher discovered his tongue that week, so he’s been sticking it out all the time and every time I see him with his tongue out it makes me laugh, it’s just too cute!

Week 2 (web)3.  “This makes me wish I could freeze time”  — Even though sometimes I feel like I’m always cleaning up, I know one day Kazia will grow out of certain types of play, so seeing this tea party made me wish I could freeze time.

Week 3 (web)4.  A different perspective — This week made me think about how I could take a photo in a different way, typically it’s capturing my kiddos beautiful faces, but the other day Kazia was sitting down having a snack and fidgeting with her toes, I quickly grabbed my camera and got down on the floor to get a picture of those cute little toes.

Week 4 - Perspective (web)I will post my challenge photos every 4 weeks, and you can always follow my photos on Flickr as well.

See you all soon,


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