Mountain Fun

When the sun started shining the other day I gathered the kiddos and the dog, and we all headed up to the mountain to try and get some photos with all the hoar frost up there.  It looks like snow, but it’s just super thick frost.  We weren’t up there for very long, I think the whole endeavour lasted all of 3 minutes before we headed back to the car and down to get a hot drink at Starbucks.

I imagined much better pictures, but the ones I did manage to get were still a bit fun.

Mountain Frost 4 (web) Mountain Frost 6 (web) Mountain Frost 12 (web)And Asher was all bundled up, my happy little helper.

Mountain Frost 13 (web) Mountain Frost 3 (web)This was the open area we took pictures at because I liked the view.

Mountain Frost 17 (web)I love the look of all the frost on the trees.

Mountain Frost 15 (web)Kazia loves walking her bud.

Mountain Frost 18 (web)It was definitely not all smiles for the camera though, Kazia was playing around before I started taking pictures so she got cold pretty quick when I started snapping away, and it was hard to get her to not give me the evil eye, haha.

Mountain Frost 8 (web)See you all soon,


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