The Little Ones!

The other day, Kazia put on her daddy’s winter “fishing” hat and she looked so cute in it that the day after I had to sit her in front of our front window and get her to put the hat on to snap some pics.  The first picture I took was just a quick test pic, and I didn’t really like the way it turned out because I could see part of the TV in the top corner.  But after having our first meeting of the year for “Moms with a Camera” (and we talked about Black and White photography) I turned the picture into B&W and I loved it!  The TV wasn’t obvious anymore, and Kazia looks like she’s zoned out in thought.

Daddy's Hat 1 (B&W) (web)The other two I left in colour because the munchkin was being her silly self and making the both of us laugh as I was trying to take the pictures.

Daddy's Hat 4 (web)Daddy's Hat 2 (web)Asher is now at the stage where he’s discovered his tongue.  I had to try and get a picture of him sticking it out because right now he’s always got it sticking out and he looks so darn cute!!

I did manage to get one good picture with his tongue out, and then I just kept snapping away for some more pictures.

Ash (Jan) 1 (web)Ash (Jan) 2 (web)

And here he looks like he’s going to cry, but he was just baby talking away.  Gotta love all the drool running down his chin, haha.

Ash (Jan) 3 (web)Then we had the rollover ….

Ash (Jan) 5 (web)See you all soon,


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