Tree Lights

Last year I attempted a picture of our Christmas tree.  I tried to get that starburst effect on the lights but wasn’t totally happy with how it came out.  This year I gave it another try after reading a few more posts about how to achieve the effect.

I set my camera up on the coffee table, propped up on a bunch of books.  I set it to self timer so that I wouldn’t shake the camera pressing down the shutter button and once I had my settings set I let the self-timer take the picture.  After the self timer went off I was a bit worried that it didn’t work because my camera seemed to just turn off, but I didn’t touch anything and after about 30 seconds it came back on, that’s how slow my shutter speed was to get the picture to work haha.  I felt like it was sitting there for such a long time not doing anything.

This year I’m happy because I got the starburst effect happening on the lights of the tree like I wanted!  We have the bright white lights on our tree so everything looks blueish, but the starburst stilled worked!  Yay!

Tree Starburst (web)See you all soon,


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