Autumn’s Here

I love the colours of Fall.  I found a cute idea on Pinterest of a potted plant inside a pumpkin for some Fall decorations to put out, and I decided to try it out.  I had a pumpkin and just had to pick up a potted plant.  I found a fair sized Mum’s plant at the grocery store in some great Fall colours so I cut my pumpkin, cleaned it out and stuck the flowers inside, tied a small bow around the rim of the pot that was sticking out and put it at the front door.  It turned out really nice, here’s how it looks.

And since Fall did arrive, I never got the chance to have Kazia wear the cute vintage sunsuit that I made for her to get some good photos.  The only one I have is on my phone and it doesn’t show it off very well so here’s a picture of the sunsuit on it’s own.  The pattern was pretty easy to follow and I love how it turned out.  It’ll definitely fit her next summer still so she’ll get to wear it on some hot days, too bad I finished it finally after all our super hot days were over this summer.

Now to start some Fall baking.

See you all soon,


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