Picture Perfect

The other day I tried to take a photo of myself with both kiddos and the dog.  Kazia was excited to do some pictures and Asher was awake, so I set us up outside in some open shade so that we wouldn’t be squinting from the bright afternoon sun.  I positioned Kazia and Hercules, then set my camera up on a small table and set my settings to get everyone in focus.  I focused on Kazia, hit the timer and then I quickly sat down beside Kazia to get in the photo.

We wanted to do the picture to give to the hubby as a little gift for his office at work.  The first couple photos were out of focus, so I had these two that turned out to work with.

These are the two photos straight out of camera:

In the first picture Kazia and Hercules didn’t turn out, and in the second picture they both turned out great but I preferred how my face was in the first picture and that Asher was facing the camera.

So I went online to see how to do a “face swap” in photoshop, it didn’t seem too difficult so I gave it a go.  I wanted to use the second photo since Hercules was laying down in the first, but I wanted my face and Asher from the first.  It took me a good while to get it how I wanted, but here is how I got the photo to look, with swaps and after editing.

It was lots of work but I’m happy with how it came together.

See you all soon,


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