August Sewing

In August I did a bunch of sewing, and here are some of the little projects I finished up.

First I made a play tent for Kazia.  The picture isn’t the best as our support for the tent didn’t really work out so I will figure something out for it eventually and hopefully get better pictures of Kazia enjoying it.  She loved having it up even if it was only for a few minutes.

Then I made a couple trash bag holders for our vehicles.

And with the left over material I had from the tent I made a bean bag, which Kazia loves.  I made it to use as a posing bag for baby photos of munchkin #2 and he actually arrived that same day, must have known I finished all my little projects.  And the bean bag is also to use with Kazia’s tent, maybe during the winter I’ll hang it somewhere in the house for her as a little “reading” area.  Now to just pick up one more bag of beans to fill it up better.

I also made Kazia a vintage sun suit but the weather turned cooler and I haven’t been able to get any photos of it.  Some sort of photos of the sun suit will be coming up.

See you all soon,


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