Birthday Party.

This past weekend was Kazia’s 3rd birthday, and we decided to give her a summer backyard party. We had great summer weather, and the party went really well.  All the kids played in the pool, had their faces painted and played around in the backyard.  I only had the chance to snap a few pictures as everything was so busy, so here they are.

I made some tissue pom poms to decorate around the yard, and a vase of tissue paper flowers.

We had a lady come and do some face painting for the kids, and Kazia was the first customer.  She picked out a fire breathing dragon for her arm.  This lady did an amazing job, you can check out her site here.

I made up some summery party favours for all the kids to take home after the party.  A beach bucket with some sidewalk chalk, bubbles and a cupcake.

And the whole month before Kazia’s party we asked her what kind of cake she would like for her birthday, and every time she said that she wanted Lightning McQueen and Mater so that’s what I made.

See you all soon,


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