On Facebook I follow a page called “The Inspired Lens”, and I’ve been trying to follow the themes each week to keep up with taking different photos and practicing.  This past week the theme was “Sparkle”, and of course, having a girl, the first thing that popped into my head was Kazia with some glitter.  Being so busy last week I almost forgot about doing the photo, but the night before the theme photos were due I kept Kazia up just past her bed time to catch some “golden hour” lighting and grabbed my edible glitter (which I had on hand for cake decorating, and I’m glad I used it because then I didn’t have to worry if she got it in her face from the breeze).  We headed outside with a blanket, sat down and Kazia started blowing glitter around while I tried to catch the shot.

Also trying to learn how to use Photoshop and all the little tools available within it, here are my edits that I did for this “Sparkle” photo.  I’ll post the original picture (SOOC) and my edit.  This first picture was my test shot, and I know Kazia is dead centre but I still like the photo because it was the only one with eye contact.

Here’s the photo SOOC:

And here’s my After:

Here is the one that I caught some glitter flying around, first the SOOC:

And my After:

What do you think?  I really like the warm tones in photos, so that’s the root I took with these since I had the nice light in the background.  I learnt a few new tricks while doing these photos, but there’s still so much to learn with this program.

See you all soon,


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