A Growing Garden.

Remember those little rock garden markers Kazia and I made up, well, we did get to plant everything that we had painted on our rocks.  Our rhubarb was unfortunately eaten up by a critter, and the cucumbers didn’t take; but we did get a really good batch of sugar snap peas and some carrots and strawberries.  Oh and our blueberries are coming back nicely this year.

The other day, Kazia and I were in the backyard and while I was talking to my friend (and neighbour), Kazia decided the carrots were ready to pull up.  As we’re talking we hear her yelling with joy in behind us that the carrots are ready … “see, they’re orange, so they’re ready!” she says.

We headed inside to wash up our early plucked carrot, and here she is at the sink chomping away at her lovely carrot.

And after Kazia was asleep, about an hour before sunset, I decided to snap a picture of our sugar snap peas since the light outside was just right.  At first snap I was taking the pictures facing towards our yard onto the peas, but I didn’t like how the pictures were turning out because the other houses were covering up the sun light coming down.  But then I went around the other side of the planter and shot this picture towards our house, and I really like how I got the light of the evening showing in the background of the peas.  You can’t tell from the picture, but these peas are taking over, haha.

Kazia has always been very good about eating fruits and veggies, she’s always liked them, but I think she’s more willing to try out the sugar snap peas since we are growing them, and she seems to really like them too.  Now to go out there on the weekend and start picking out the ready ones, yum!!

See you all soon,


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