Baby Bottom!

My latest cake I had the chance to make was for a baby shower.  This is one of my favourites that I have made so far, I love how it turned out.  Super cute and I was told it was delicious too!

Here’s a close up of the baby sneakers, which I made out of fondant and gum paste.

The cake again from a different angle ….

A close up of the baby bottom.  The feet and legs I moulded out of fondant and I added some texture to the bottom of the feet to make them a little bit more realistic.

And a close up of the teddy bear, which I also made out of fondant.

I started up a second little blog which will have all my baked creations on it.  I will mostly be posting just the pictures and a quick description of each cake, but if you want to check it out go to Piece of Cake – Specialty Cakes by Anna Hurley!  I just started it up last night so I will get all my pictures posted on there tonight, nothing much on there as of right now.

See you all soon,



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