A little bit of Bluegrass!

I had the pleasure of making yet another fun cake, a retirement cake for a co-worker’s husband that plays the Banjo.  She asked for a Gibson Mastertone Banjo, so I looked up some images online to get an idea and off I went to make the cake.

The cake shape itself was pretty simple, but the details I put into the cake took me a good while to do.  I painted on all the detailing with melted white chocolate, and used fishing line as the Banjo strings; it was the only piece of the cake that wasn’t made with either cake or fondant.

In the next photo you can see the “strings” of the Banjo.

Here are the Banjo picks.

While taking my pictures I remembered that Kazia had a straw hat, and so I ran upstairs to see how it would look in the pictures.

And the finishing touch, the writing on the cake board.

This was another fun cake to do, and with each cake I learn something new.  This month is busy with cake making, so you’ll be seeing more cakes in the next few posts.

See you all soon.


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