A Woman’s Style!

At the end of May, one of the ladies at work retired and we had a Potluck for her very last day.  I was bringing the cake and cupcakes!

Now this lady loves her shoes and bags, so what better than stiletto cupcakes and a handbag cake (and a “replica” of her very own purse).

First we have the cupcakes, and since I was able to take pictures of the cupcakes during the day, I styled them up a little!

And then we have the handbag cake, unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to try and style the cake as I took the pictures late evening after finishing it up.  And with the cake we have $34, for the 34 years she worked for our employer!

And a little sewing bonus … I made a laptop sleeve for her that was a bit vintage, French inspired as a retirement gift.  I’m so glad I picked up a new sewing machine, when you have something that actually works it makes a world of difference!

Now to decide on what kind of laptop sleeve I want to make for myself, haha!!

Next up, something musical.

See you all soon,


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