What was your guess?

This weekend we got to find out the gender of munchin #2, and we wanted to do something special to reveal what we were having to our family.

My friend Sonja asked me one day what we were going to do for our gender reveal, and asked if I had seen on the internet of people using balloons, or filled cupcakes to reveal the gender of baby.  We decided to do the balloon photo shoot to then print and give a series of photos to our families to do the reveal.  I got a big box to put the balloons in, and on the day of our ultrasound I asked the techs doing the ultrasound to write down what the gender was on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope instead of telling us what baby was.  Once that was finished, I passed the envelope to Sonja and she went out to get the appropriate coloured balloons.  This whole time we still didn’t know what baby was.  After driving around a bit to find a nice spot to do the photos, we got all set up to do the reveal.  Sonja was taking our photos for us, and she was the only one that knew at this time what baby was.

So would you like to find out?

Here we go then ….

First we start off with Kazia’s prediction of what colour balloons will come out of the box.  Sonja heard Kazia say “I think pink” when we asked her, so she wrote on a small chalkboard what Kazia thought (such a cute idea and I’m glad Sonja was so well prepared).

Getting ready to open the box (I love how the chalkboard heart turned out on the big box, it looks almost 3D like, awesome job on that as well Sonja).

Kazia was so excited to be opening the box.

Take your guesses now before you check out the next photo!

So?  Did you guess the same?

And it’s a …. BOY!

I had so much fun doing the reveal this way, and I love how it all turned out.  Sonja did such a great job with taking the photos!   Thank you!!!

Hope you all enjoyed finding out this way, because we definitely had fun sharing it this way with everyone.

See you all soon,


3 thoughts on “What was your guess?

  1. Hi Anna,
    Congratulations!!! I thought it was going to be a boy!!!! This was an awesome way to do the reveal!! I will bet the two Gramma’s were pretty thrilled too. What a beautiful Mother’s Day present!

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