Park play time

We’ve been enjoying lots of rainy days lately, but when the sun does come out, we head outside as soon as we can, even if it means right after waking up in the morning.

A couple weeks back we had a nice sunny Sunday so I took Kazia over to a school park near by.  Here’s a few pictures of Kazia enjoying her time at the park.

Trying out the slides first.

Kazia wasn’t all that happy with this big wobbly swing thing.

This was Kazia’s favourite, she could lay down and get spun around.

Kazia is a little monkey, she climbed these monkey bars all the way to the top on her own and liked it.

Kazia’s face is out of focus in this picture, but it’s still a keeper.

Back to the monkey bars after a go on the big slide.

Kazia was wondering who wrote all over the walls, she seemed pretty upset that someone would doodle all over the walls.

We had lots of fun at the park, and had to grab a slushy drink from the corner store on the way home because it ended up being super warm playing in the sun.

See you all soon,


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