Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

Oh my goodness, I’m getting behind on keeping up with the posts.  I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to edit many pictures, and that kind of prevents me from posting updates.

Well I finally went through a few, and all of these have to do with the reason I have been so busy lately, and that’s Cakes!

After the purple cat cake I was asked to make a couple more cakes, and then I also had my cake decorating class I was baking for.  I made three cakes in 1 week, and I also baked the week before the last for my Scentsy Spring Open House.

First we have the cupcakes and apple-butter bars I made for the Open House.

And next are the flowers we had to make in Cake decorating class.

For the final cake in class we had to do a basket weave on our cakes, and then decorate the rest as we wished.  I decided to practice some roses and decorated my cake with them.

And now onto the two other cakes I made this past week.  First I was asked again by a couple ladies I used to work with for a cake, and when I phoned to ask what they wanted, I was told I could say no since it was short notice, but I wanted to take on the challenge so I said I would do it.  The cake was for someone retiring, and I was told he liked to golf, so I made a golf themed cake for his retirement potluck.  Here it is, I took quite a few pictures haha.

The only thing I didn’t make on the cake was the golfer himself.  I hope everyone enjoyed the cake at the potluck, especially the guy retiring!

And the last cake I had to make this week was for my father in-law’s birthday, so I decided it would have something to do with fishing.  Here’s the cake, a Salmon and Fly box.

It’s been a crazy busy week of cake making, but I am having such a blast doing all of these.

Hopefully I can get around to posting again soon to show some crafty things I’ve done, as well as some pictures I’ve been taking!

See you soon,



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