Purple Cat anyone?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to bake.  About a year ago I got into using fondant on cakes to decorate and I love it.  Whenever I have the chance to make a cake for birthdays I am eager to bake and decorate.

I started my second cake decorating class last week, and this class is all about flowers and cake designs.  After this set of classes finishes I will be signing up for the third set which is all about fondant, I can’t wait!!

Here’s the two gum paste and fondant flowers we made in our first class.

A button flower,

And a Pansy,

My Pansy cracked a bit, the gum paste dries so fast and we had to watch the instructor show us how to make the flower, and in the little bit of time it dried up a bit.

Last Thursday I had a friend send me a message asking if I would be interested in making a birthday cake for a lady that asked her if she knew anyone that could make her a cake for the coming Saturday.  She thought of me, yay, and told her she would ask.  So when I read the message I was excited but it was a little short notice so I needed details.  I passed her my phone number, got a call that morning and got the details of the cake to be made; a purple cat chocolate cake!  It wasn’t for a big crowd so I told her that I was up for the challenge and started planning what kind of cat I was going to make.  I found some pictures online for inspiration of what kind of cat to make, and I got the supplies I needed Thursday night, started baking as soon as I got home from work on Friday, made my marshmallow fondant, let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours before colouring it and after Kazia was tucked in bed, I coloured the fondant a lavender purple (I had the dark purple, pink and orange in pre-made fondant from my decorating class kit) and then started shaping and decorating the cake.

Here is the purple cat!!!  I had so much fun making this cake, and was even more excited that it was an actual “order” for a cake from me!  Can’t wait to make the other upcoming birthday cakes I have already been asked to do.

I added the flowers I made in class to the cake for a little bit of extra decoration and to make it a little more girly.  Then I wrote the Happy Birthday on the base, and I think I rewrote each word at least once, I either spelt something wrong (it was late hehe) or the angle of the word wasn’t right.

And in the morning I took a picture from above since I forgot to do it before I put it in the box for transport, so here’s the cat ready for delivery!

I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her cake, and I can’t wait to make some more.

See you all soon,


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