Finally … Valentine’s Photos!

I’m finally putting up the Valentine’s pictures I did with Kazia.  Trying to get these pictures took some time, as we haven’t been having the brightest of days, so when we did get a nice sunny day in February I grabbed the props and found a spot to take some photos.

The first time we tried this shoot, the light wasn’t good at all, so I only got one decent picture from it.  Then when our sunny day arrived, I moved the dining room table over, took a white sheet and draped it over the chairs to get a bit of a light reflector going, and dressed Kazia in her “Cupid” outfit.  So here you are, my little “Cupid”.

First we have our heart shaped pancakes, which we did actually have on Valentine’s day.

This shot is from the first attempt, lighting isn’t very good and I even used a reflector to see if that would help.

These shots are from our second attempt.  Getting ready to spread some love, first one up, Hercules!

A little upset, can’t figure out this bow and arrow business.

Being a silly “Cupid”.

Back to figuring out the arrow, making sure it’s ready!

Playing shy.

I asked for some smiles before we finished up and I got silly Kazia hehe.

Got one!

And the last one … Tada!!

I’m glad I finally did get to take these pictures, I had fun and let Kazia just be herself so that I could get some nice pictures.  After this photo shoot with the munchkin, we went for a nice walk, even though it was a nice day out it was still pretty cold.

Next up, the cat cake!  I hope to get those pictures up by tomorrow night.

See you soon!


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