Playing around

I’m slowly catching up with all my pictures …. slowly!  Haha

I wanted to play around with some pictures to see what I could do with them.  Back in January we did some cookie baking, and of course, Kazia was my little helper.  I tried to see if I could make these shots a little more old (“vintage”) looking, so I played around with some different types of free actions.

Here we are making cookies, yummy!!!

Then I started playing with the pictures I took of Kazia “reading” and found a different action to give a different type of old (“vintage”) look and feel to them.  I already posted one of these earlier, but this is a different take on the picture.

I think I like the feel of the last two better for more of that older picture look than the first bunch.

Now to catch up and finish going through my February pictures so I can post some cute “cupid/Valentine’s” photos.

I need to play around with my pictures a lot more to get better with Photoshop and have what I’m picturing in my head come across in the style of the photo, but one thing at a time I guess … first to better my photo taking, then to master the editing.

Tonight I started my second Cake Decorating course as well, so I will post pictures of the items I make as we go along, made some cute gum paste flowers today.

See you soon,



2 thoughts on “Playing around

    • Thanks Sonja 🙂 That’s my favorite from the set as well, I was having issues with focus that day lol, so many of the pictures I couldn’t save because the focus fell on her shirt … I’m so glad I figured out the back button focusing, I’m finding I catch my focus point so much better now.

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