Challenges – By the Book {I Heart Faces}

I’m trying to keep new posts coming at least once a week, but this “bun in the oven” is making it hard to want to do anything, including taking pictures to post for everyone.

So far I’ve been able to keep up with a weekly photo challenge, and I also decided to try and enter a photo challenge on the I Heart Faces website.  This weeks challenge is called “By the Book.”  I asked Kazia if I could take her picture reading some books and she jumped on the chance, she’s starting to become quite the little poser now, haha.

Here’s the picture I picked for the challenge, Kazia “reading” to her small fuzzy audience.

Photo Challenge Submission

I’ll post all the snow day pictures I took when I finally get around to processing them all.  Lots of pictures and not feeling so good makes it tough to get them all finished.

See you all soon,


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