Trying it out.

To edit and process my pictures I’ve been using a Mac program called Aperture, but I really wanted to try out Photoshop.  It feels like there’s more capabilities in using a program like Photoshop, all kinds of action sets, textures and so much more.  I’ve been trying it out, and it’s so very different from Aperture, it’s a little hard to make a switch when I’m used to knowing what tools to use.  Here’s one picture I decided to use and show you all three versions, SOOC (straight out of camera), my aperture edit, and my newest edit attempt.


Aperture 3 Edit:

Photoshop Edit:

I’m still getting used to all the tools in Photoshop, there’s so much to learn and get used to.  I like that the photo turned out a little bit brighter and not as dark as in my Aperture edit (which I can adjust too), and I like the warm tones I got from the actions I used, it gives it more of that sunset feel.

Now to go out and get more pictures so I can practice, practice, and practice!

And thanks to my brother for the new watermark …. I already forgot to use it on my SOOC photo hehe.

See you all soon,


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