Happy New Year!

The New Year is already upon us, and I hope that everyone’s is starting off well!  I’m already excited for this year.  I put in my first order for the year with Scentsy, and found out I won a great prize for a portrait session; can’t wait, even though I hate having my picture taken haha.

We rang in the New Year with a nice dinner for our Anniversary, and had a very relaxing evening.

Kazia and I also did a bunch of baking together in the first days of 2012!

I’m used to editing my photos with Aperture 3 on my Mac, but I have been wanting to try out some Photoshop actions so I am giving the trial version a go to see if I can figure it out and learn some new things.  So far I like all the different things I can do with it, now to figure out how to use it properly to process my photos!

And I also have to mention a giveaway on a Photography blog that I follow, it’s absolutely amazing what this talented lady is giving away.  If you’re dabbling in photography like myself, or want the possibility to win some outstanding photography prizes, you have to check it out …..  CRAVE Photography 25,000 Fans Giveaway!!!!

See you all soon,


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