Wow it’s almost Christmas!  This year I decorated the tree really early, but just finally put up some lights on the outside of the house.

I attempted some pictures of the tree and my new December warmer – Blizzard.

I tried to have the lights in the living room off, but turned on some lights in other areas, the hall and the dining room so that it wasn’t too dark to try the tree pictures.  It kept the picture a little warmer as well, with the hint of the lights from the other rooms.  I’ve been trying to read all different types of tips on how to take good pictures of the Christmas tree, eventually I ended up with my settings at f/5.6 1/6 and ISO at 1600.  I didn’t have a tripod to keep my camera steady, and after trying over and over to keep steady, I ended up putting the camera on the coffee table and set the camera on timer so that I wouldn’t shake the camera when I pressed the shutter.  Another thing to look into, a tripod and remote lol.

I will be trying it again I think, I wasn’t completely satisfied with how it turned out, but at the same time, it was with my kit lens, and I notice such a huge difference in quality of the pictures when I use that thing, I think I’ll be looking into getting a much better Standard Zoom lens someday too.

Here is the new December Warmer, isn’t it pretty!  I love the snowflake reflections on the wall from the vent holes.  I decided to put it on top of an old candle decoration, I used to have a scented candle that would sit inside the Holly Berry ring, but Blizzard sits nicely on top of it, and it looks so nice like that.  This picture I took with my 50mm and I see such a difference in quality between the pictures, even though they’re completely different.  My settings for this picture ended up at f/8 1.6 and ISO at 800.  I leaned on the couch to keep myself steady and it worked for the most part, I didn’t shake the camera around too much.

If I don’t post again before Christmas, then I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas, and all the best for the New Year!

See you soon,


One thought on “Lights

  1. Great job! I think your tree picture turned out nice! If I show the picture to Jocelyn I wonder how long it would take her to find that Elmo decoration 😛

    I also like the snowflake reflections 🙂

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